The Melaniff Family Cookbook

Negimaki - ねぎ巻き

Negimaki is a Japanese food consisting of broiled strips of beef marinated in teriyaki sauce and rolled with scallions (negi). The dish is thought to have originated in the Kyoto region of Japan.


10 2” lengths of green scallion
1/2 Lb thin sliced top sirloin 5” x 2”, 10 slices
1 T oil

for Teriyaki
2 T soy sauce
1 T sugar
1 T sake
1 T dashi - kelp stock
1 T mirin - syrupy rice wine


Divide scallion pieces into 10 groups, roll 1 slice of beef around each pile, Spear with a toothpick.

Heat oil in skillet, medium heat add rolls seem side down sauté 1 minute, continue until medium brown.

Reduce heat, add soy, sugar, sake, dashi; cook 3 minutes

Remove meat, let cool slightly

Reduce juices 1/2, remove toothpicks, return rolls

Add mirin, shake pan to glaze.

Cut in 1/2” rounds.

Arrange on warm platter.