The Melaniff Family Cookbook

Mike's Split Pea Soup

Just a little zip added to the standard recipe


16 oz (450g) Split Peas

2 Ham Hocks

6 C Chicken Stock

2 C Heavy Cream

1 Potato - diced

1 Onion - diced

1 Carrot - diced

1 T Hot Sauce

1 T Tarragon - fine

1 T Black Mustard Seed


Rinse peas, remove all foreign matter.

Place all ingredients except cream in 4 quart pot.

Boil then simmer covered 90 minutes.

Stir frequently.

Simmer uncovered 60 minutes.

Remove ham and strip meat, discard bones and fat.

Strain soup and puree solids.

Return meat, liquid, pureed solids to pot. Add cream.

Heat over low flame for 10 minutes.

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