Bee Balm


Monarda didyma Grand Mum™

Bee Balm is a traditional favorite for the perennial border. This mid sized selection produces heads of large, shaggy pink-mauve flowers in mid to late summer. Foliage is delightfully fragrant, and significantly more resistant to powdery mildew than most older varieties. Excellent for cutting.

Feed: Feed once a year with a slow release fertilizer.

Prune: In spring, remove dead foliage only.  In fall, cut back to 6" and dead-head spent flowers.    Division is necessary and should be done in the spring. 

Notes: Rust, root and crown rot.  This plant is also susceptible to powdery mildew and rust if the soil is overly dry and the air circulation is poor.


Height: 18 inches

Spread: 20 inches

Blooming: Mid Summer; Late Summer

Soil Moisture: Moist; Well Drained

Sun Exposure: Part Shade, Full Sun