English Boxwood


Buxus sempervirens 'Suffruticosa'

The basic plant in many Colonial gardens. This cultivar is known for its soft, billowy outline and lush foliage. Foliage is great for holiday decorations. In ideal environment, plant will continue to grow for 75 to 150 years and develop into a very large shrub. Plant has distinct odor.

Feed: The ideal fertilizer for boxwood is a 10-6-4 urea fertilizer in granular form. Apply fertilizer over mulch in the recommended dosage, taking care not to allow it to come in contact with the shallow roots of the boxwood -- direct contact can damage roots, cause foliage to brown and trigger the death of branches.

Prune: Shearing creates disease problems within the plant and should be avoided. It is beneficial to annually thin the plant by reaching into the plant and  breaking 6-10" long branches.

Notes: Always adhere to proper boxwood fertilization. A condition known as "Boxwood Decline" may result from infertile soil. "Boxwood Decline" symptoms include specific areas of the boxwood fading to gray-green or yellow, branch death and bark separation. Ultimately, the boxwood dies.

Height: 24 inches

Spread: 24 inches

Blooming: Mid Summer; Late Summer; Early Fall

Soil Moisture: X

Sun Exposure: Part Sun, Shade