Geranium ‘Tiny Monster’


Cranesbill Geranium

This terrific German hybrid Cranesbill forms a fast-spreading mound of dark green leaves, bearing small magenta-pink flowers from early summer through fall. Ideal for edging or ground cover use and also a good choice for tubs or mixed containers. One of the longest flowering dwarf selections to date. Easily divided in early spring or fall. If plants become untidy during the summer just clip them back to 4 inches to rejuvenate.

Feed: Apply a balanced fertilizer in early spring.  If a severe shearing or cut back to the ground is necessary, fertilize as the foliage begins to regrow.  Over fertilizing can cause the plant to become sprawling and lanky.

Prune: Shear off the spent blooms and prune out fading foliage at ground level.  New foliage will quickly emerge, as well as a new batch of blooms. 



Height: 8 inches

Spread: 20 inches

Blooming: Early Summer; Mid Summer; Late Summer; Early Fall

Soil Moisture: Moist

Sun Exposure: Part Shade, Full Sun